Perpetual Fate is an alternative melodic metal project based in Padua and born in 2015. In 2016, after several months of rehearsals the group started playing their first gigs and expanding their setlist with new songs. The former members Gianluca Evangelista, Diego Ponchio and Zaccaria Saidi decided to change the lineup adding a new vocalist and a new drummer: Maria Grazia Zancopè and Marco Andreetto. Since then the band became more solid and started developing new songs; in September they recorded their first single “Rainfall”.2017 saw the band starting their first live experiences as an opening act for well-known italian metal bands like Eternal Idol, Overtures and Secret Sphere, bringing their music outside the usual places and meeting new people...
Maria Grazia Zancopè - Vocals
Gianluca Evangelista - Guitar
Massimiliano Pistore - Guitar
Diego Ponchio - Bass
Marco Andreetto - Drums





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