In geological and astronomical sciences, MYR indicates a period of 1 million years. Music is the art of time and time is the "place" where music lives: the band, active since 2003, chose this moniker in 2009, year in which decides to stop playing live and enter writing his first official album, "Days of Convergence", with the aim to tell the complexity of the times in which we live through a powerful, dark and faceted musical language...
Enrico Giannacco: Vocals, Guitars and Effects
Nunzio Sannino: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Effects
Dario Morgillo: Keyboards, Piano and Effects
Simone D'Aalessandri: 4 strings and 5 strings Bass Guitar
Luca Zamberti: Drums
Raffaele Borgi: Guitar


February 11, 2022



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