Last Frontier is an Italian Epic Heavy Metal band founded by guitarist Mimmo Natale and keyboardist Cyrion Faith, still active members of the group. 2005: The band, known in its early days as ‘Trascendence’, materialized in April, due to the strong desire of a group of musicians to transmit their own vision of the world through music. In the same year the first demo entitled "Last Frontier" was released. 2006-2009: During this period two demos were released ('Darklight', 2007 and 'Black Horizon', 2008), supported by an intense live activity, which earned the band the appreciation both from an audience more accustomed to Metal than non-Metal. 2010: The year of the aggressive and experimental ‘Apocalypse Machine’, the first LP... .
Marco Cantoni - Voce
Mimmo Natale - Guitars
Ciro Fasano - Keyboards
Salvatore Argiento - Bass
Fulvio Liguori: Drums





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