The Apocalypse Mark
09 November 2020

Death Thrashers EXTINCTION, have just released the new lyric video of "Mad Jack", taken from the last album "The Apocalypse Mark". "Mad Jack, aka Jack Churchill, was a British troop commander who went down in history for fighting during World War II armed with a longbow, arrows and a Scottish Claymore sword! Watch full video here: https://youtu.be/u-JSyUrWcU8


Extinction is a thrash death metal band formed in 1995 in Puglia (Italy) by Massimo Muci (vocals), Danilo Bonuso (guitar), Daniele Greco (guitar), Giuseppe de Benedittis (bass) and Tonio Latino (drums). In November 1996 the band released their demo "Progress Regress" including 5 tracks, recorded at the Pure Rock Studios in Brindisi.Their style is characterized by a balanced mix of death and thrash metal, influenced by bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Metallica, Pestilence, Morbid Angel etc.Subsequent reviews of music magazines are more than positive. Especially “Metal Hammer Italy” praises their music for the mix of styles and declares them as "Blind Guardian of death metal" referring to the song "Evil's Revenge".When singer Massimo Muci left the band in 1997, guitarist and vocalist Danilo decided to move to Turin and in consequence of that, the band split up.Seventeen years later in 2014, Danilo reformed the band in Turin with Alice Darkpeace (vocals), Jacopo Farcito (bass) and Alberto Scrivano (drums). The new Extinction debuts at Rocking Universe Metal Fest in September 2014, followed by numerous concerts, with international bands like Necrodeath, Game Over, Materia, Onslaught, Mindwars, Node etc.After Jacopo (bass) had left the band in February 2015, Marco Vicenza became the new bassist in march of the same year. During this period Luca Maggi accompanied the band on second guitar for a short time.In May 2015 - almost 20 years after the demo “Progress Regress” - Extinction released a new single called "Conspirators".In the same year Marco "Hellfire" Campanati joins the band as permanent second guitarist, following Luca, who left the band in December. In April 2016, vocalist Alice Darkpeace appears on the TV show "Italia's Got Talent", demonstrating her growling skills. This event was quite important for the band, in as much as it helped them gain popularity. Besides, growling was never performed on italian television before.On 30 April 2017 the band released the debut album "The Monarch Slaves" with the german label Unholy Fire Records; after the same titled promo video!The album is available in CD, limited CD digipack, limited tape edition and digital download! In August 2018 the band crosses the national borders playing in Hanover (Germany) and in Serbia at the Rock Village Festival in Banatski Sokolac. In October 2018, Alice leaves the band due to disagreements and at its place comes Filippo Collaro. Between April and May 2019, the band recorded the new album in Davide Billia's Mk2 Studio (Anthropofagus, Beheaded, etc.).In June 2019 bassist Marco will also be replaced by Lorenzo Catolla, also by Silenti Luna. With the new line-up, in July of the same year, the band signs the contract with the renowned Italian label Revalve Records.


ìFilippo Collaro: Voice
Danilo Bonuso: guitars
Marco Campanati: guitars
Lorenzo Catolla: bass
Alberto Scrivano: drums


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