Where the road Leads is the debut album of the Prog Opera project Earthcry. The album is the firts Chapter of a bombastic prog metal sci-fi opera [ Ayeron, Dream Theater, Angra, Symphony X], 10 tracks of intense and powerful sound;" with participation of artist such: " many characters interacts in the plot and everyone plays his role in this quest for answer to the darkest secret of mankind!  
Oliver Hartmann - Vocals; Mark Basile - Vocals; Zak Stevens - Vocals;Roberto Tiranti - Vocals; Damian Wilson - Vocals; Marco Sandron - Vocals; Simone Mularoni - Guest Guitars; Diego Reali - Guest Guitars
Enrico Sidoti - Drums & Composer; Bruno di Giorgi - Guitars; Tommi Delfino - Keyboards; Leone Villani Conti - Bass




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