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The Demo Policy: We do listen to every subsmission that come to Revalve althought it can some time for us to get to listen to them all. If we like the demo we will contact you.  Please send either mp3, wav, aiff formats. Do not send any others format if not required. Also, send all the info, a good cover artwork, band photo and band history.
Send a mail with external download link of your Demo.; 

Ascoltiamo tutti i demo presentati alla Revalve, questo può richiedere del tempo che varia da un periodo di 2 giorni a 2 settimane, se il demo è di nostro interesse verrete contattati in questo lasso di tempo.
Spedite il vostro demo preferibilmente in formato mp3, wav o aiff. Non spedite altri formati se non richiesti dopo il primo contatto. Allegate tutte le vostre info, cover artwork dell'album,foto e bio della band. 
Accettiamo preferibilmente un links di download esterno del materiale.; 

Revalve Records opens up to the east market. This is the first step towards the distribution network expansion, which gives the artists new opportunities in one of the greatest and most important music market in the world.

Revalve Records Japan operative from 07/29/2015 will introduce its first artists' japanese versions, both digital and physical, starting from august 5th.
The roster will be available on the japanese territory via Tower Records and Space Shower Music.

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