Francesco Basthard - Vocals
Pinuccio Ordnal - Guitar
Carlo Zorro - Bass
Andrea Eddie Vegenius- Drums

Pixo - Vocals & Bass
Boggio - Guitar, backing vocals
Max - Guitar
Zack - Drums

'Pizza Commando'

Time: 54:44
Catalog Number: RR53
Barcode: 3610158803841


Southern Drinkstruction - "The South Face"
(Video Track)
Carcharodon - "The Hornet and the Hunter"
(Lyric Video)

"Pizza Commando"
Southern Drinkstruction and Carcharodon, already well known for their blasting death'n'roll and powerful stage presence, combine their Beefy sound to present a new exciting chapter in a camaleontic split cd: 'Pizza Commando'These 14 tracks are collected in an awesome and eclectic LIMITED EDITION Digipack Which contains a cover of the song 'Zuppa Romana', the most acclaimed anthem from the 80'S band Schrott Nach 8. 'Zuppa Romana' will be the first single from the album, available on soundcloud platform."Pizza Commando" will be available via Revalve Records ( November 14, 2014 on worldwide distribution!) For all fans of: Entombed, Crowbar, Blood Duster.

"Southern Drinkstruction"
Southern Drinkstruction born in Rome from an idea of the guitarist Pinuccio Ordnal in 2005, intending to create a band following the footsteps of early Heavy Metal, Thrash/Death Metal and Southern Rock, combined together. In the Summer of 2007, they record at Stefano Saul Morabito 16th Cellar Studios their first 5-tracks Cd, Southern Drinkstruction, helped by Marco Cinghio (The Orange Man Theory / Buffalo Grillz / Hour of Penance) at bass guitar.
The Ep begins to go around with good results and the name of the band spreads up at once.
They work meanwhile on brand new drunken songs, carrying out the initial idea of centrifuge together Death, Blues, Southern, Thrash, Country, Punk, Rock'n'Roll, Doom and so on.
The results are 11 songs bottled into the self-produced full-lenght album Drink With Us, out on 11st of September 2009, In a few months 'Drink with Us' receives a lot of good reviews, and the band promotes the album all around Italy and playing as headliner at the Black Sunset Festival in Albshausen, Germany, with good results.
2010 It's the beginnig of a new chapter, that sees the band write their third record and perform many concerts.
'Drunk Till Death' once again recorded at Stefano Saul Morabito's 16th Cellar Studios
13 songs that represent a futher growth of the band,
Out on March 2nd 2012, the album collects many positive reviews, and helps their live activity to get more intense and brings the band
to play with international bands and participation in important Metal Festival. In January 2014 come to Hombrelobo Studios by Valerio Fisik to record a split with friends Carcharodon.
In May 2014 taking part in the cd / book tribute to Kiss 
Kissed by Kiss by Andrea Ciccomartino recording and reinterpreting with their style the song I Stole Your Love from the album Love Gun (1977).

Carcharodon started their musical journey as a power trio in 2003, with the unique intent of taking the best aspects of sludge, stoner, old school death metal, blues & country and mixing them in equal parts into a groovy subgenre that they called macho metal. "Macho metal" is also the title of their first full length (2008), which gained good exposure and brought the band on the road for a one-month tour in Texas and California. After tons of gigs across Italy and Europe, the band decided that a second guitar could help them reach higher levels of coolness. So, in January 2011 a longtime friend of the band and furious country guitarist was asked to join the band. After a few months they entered the studio to start recording their second full length Roachstomper (released by the french label Altsphere Production in April 2013). The cd gained some enthusiastic reviews and was promoted with another US Tour in October 2013 which brought the band in Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. At the beginning of 2014, after sharing the stage many times with Southern Drinkstruction across the years, they decided it was time to finally record a SPLIT cd together to celebrate this long term brotherhood. So Carcharodon moves to Rome in January for a week of intense recording sessions at HobreLobo studios, laying down the tracks that were included in Pizza Commando, out for Revalve Records on November 2014. The cd features some brand new songs from both bands and a cover tune of "Zuppa Romana", by the '80s german band Schrott nach 8. It also features the first demos from both bands, which have been out of print for long time, and were the first contact that Carcharodon had with Southern Drinkstruction.


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