In mid-2007 are put to work immediately on their first demo. In fact at the end of 2007 they released their first demo entitled "Reborn", self, that there is a good outcome at the local level, but also found good reviews in magazines They begin to play for local places and events, until in 2008 there was a total change of line up, with the entry of additional guitar and keyboards.With this new formation, which was only the drummer Lorenzo Chiafele, the Soul of Steel continued to play for an year, with several changes on the bass. Finally in early 2009, with Nicholas Logrillo on the bass, the Soul of Steel decided to start the composition of their first album...
Gianni Valente - Vocals
Salvatore Destratis - Guitars
Nicolas Coppola: Guitars
Alessandro Saracino:€“ Bass
Lorenzo Chiafele: Drums





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