The gothic metal band Sin deadly Sin rise from the ashes of the band Evenfall in 2009.
Roberta Staccuneddu (vocals) and Max Boi (keys) decided to form Sin Deadly Sin with the aim of raising their gothic and electronic wealth of experience to a new step and mix it up with new influences, creating their own musical style.
2010 Alessio Bergamo (bass), Zeljko Marinkovic (drums) and Mattia Mariotti (guitarist and arranger) join the band by bringing their musical influences and experiences.
"Fall From Heaven" is a 11 tracks of varied musical style, metal, gothic, electro, are the result of different peculiarities of its members, which are mixed and enhanced in their songs.
Roberta Staccuneddu - Voice
Max Boi - Keyboards
Mattia Mariotti - Guitars
Alessio Bergamo - Bass
Zeljko Marinkovic - Drums




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