The band was formed in 2009. In 2012, its debut with the album "Wandering Through Sorrow" for Revalve Records, entirely written by former guitarist. Strongly wanting to change the sound, with a new lineup, the band has gone from a gothic symphonic to a heavier metal with post-thrash, progressive and gothic influences. Currently the band has finished recording the new album called "Onirica", which reflects much more the components' influences compared to the debut album. Onirica is an ardent work by a heavy metal sound with symphonic touches and vague gothic atmospheres. The album intents to bring the listener through an amazing journey into the dream world, hence the title "Onirica", in the dreams and fears of the human soul...
Claudia Duronio - Vocals
Filippo Miatto - Guitars
Alberto Ferrari - Guitars
Dario Dugo - Bass
Leonardo Drago - Drums





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