Forsaken Era 2020 version is finally out and since it’s their first album, Sense of Creation would like to introduce themselves and the new Italian lineup. Sense of Creation is a Symphonic Melodic Rock/Metal band formed in London in 2009 by Lukasz Lowkis and Elisa Tomaselli. Lukasz Lowkis is not part of the band anymore as he decided to dedicate himself in the scoring composition only but he is still in contact with the band. While not restricted to one genre, Symphonic Rock/Metal is the one which suits them the most. The concept of “Forsaken Era” has been in Elisa's mind since the beginning of “Sense of Creation”. She really felt the need to create a journey through her life in order to inspire the lives of other people who have lived similar experiences...
Elisa Tomaselli - Vocals
Stefano Capista - Guitars
Antony Elia - Keyboards
Andrea Borlengo - Bass
Tony Martina - Drums





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