The project has its roots in the cold Winter of 2012 where the crazy ideas hidden in the degenerate Charles’ mind begin to develop. Soon these ideas become experimental songs, in which purely metal sounds are combined with lyrics taken from E.A. Poe’s stories, mentor and muse of the young composer since a long time. The desire of spreading these ideas is getting stronger, but the road to this goal is just as tortuous. After three years of search and changes, the line-up
is finally complete with the arrival of Aleksander on drums, Emmanuel on guitar and Francis on bass, thus recording the first EP, released in 2015 and entitled "The Tell-Tale Heart". In 2017 start recording their new album coming out in 2019, entitled “Of Humanity And Other Odd Things
Charles Wooldridge - Vocals;
Emmanuel Botch - Guitar;
Francis Gebirge - Bass;
Aleksander Ladislaw - Drums ”.




September 09



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