Telling stories about the two World Wars and molding them into songs. This is what Nexus Opera do, a moniker that reflects the musical bridge between past, present and future that the band creates. The sour tales that it sets to music serve as a reminder of our past and a warning for the future. Nexus Opera was established in Rome in 2003, founded by Marco and Alessandro, two guitar players with a passion for Heavy and Power Metal. Their first songs and shows date back to this period, but some line-up changes and a long period of inactivity led their debut album, ‘Tales from WWII’, to only see life in 2004. The album is a recollection of well-known and forgotten events that occurred during the biggest conflict in Human history. LINE UP
Davide Aricò - Vocals
Marco Giordanella - Guitars
Alessandro Pinna - Guitars
Gianfrancesco Araneo - Keyboards
Natale Cosenza - Bass
Alessandro Novelli - Drums





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