Neurosphere forms in 2003. The style of the band recalls the influence of really different bands (among the others Amorphis, Metallica and Opeth) and can be summarized as a mix of thrash and more dark riffs, with dreamy and thoughtful melodies, accompanied by clean, raw and growling vocals. Upon the release of the Rational Insanity EP in 2006, the first track Last Man Standing has been used as soundtrack for the Doom 3 Mod LMS Mod for DOOM3 (by Platinum Arts),
award winning at the IGF (Independent Games Festival) Awards, giving the band visibility
and a solid fan base also outside Italy. The band's first full length and debut album Megantereon has been recorded,
mixed and mastered by Marco Minno (Neurosphere, Tothem) and Neurosphere.
Fabrizio Oliva - Vocals & Guitar;
Alessandro Ruotolo - Guitar
Domenica Pietrucci - Bass;
Marco Minno - Keyboard Synth;
Marco Lio - Drums




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