Procreation of the serpent sets its basis in late 2004 by guitarist & vocalist Giulio Serpico Marini. With its roots deeply anchored in old school raw thrash with a punk attitude, the band quickly evolves itself to a more actual Thrash/Black Metal style, heavily influenced by European Black and Thrash metal acts.
The first remarkable live apparition of the band with a complete lineup is dated after few years, in 2007, while the first recordings (a self-titled demo) see the light in 2008. The path then leads to the recordings of the first album, “Heretic Manifesto”, still available only in digital format.
After a some time and gigs to promote for the album the new and definite bass player Ivan Contini-Bacchisio joins NERODIA on bass guitar.
October 2012 is a crucial month for NERODIA: David Folchitto (STORMLORD) is recruited on drums and Marco Montagna (VII ARCANO, DOOMRAISER) is called to arms on lead guitars. The renewed and proud combo unleashes its first bullets in a live set with Aura Noir, setting the basis for a what will be the 2013 version of NERODIA: faster, heavier, more direct and more raw than before!
Time rushes but the 4 thrashers are ready to store down the new energies on record, so in no time new tracks are settled and recorded by Marco Mastrobuono (HOUR OF PENANCE, BUFFALO GRILLZ) and the “PRELUDE TO MISERY” EP sees light. In the meantime the band shares stage with acts such as TAAKE, AURA NOIR, HOUR OF PENANCE, BEHEMOTH, DESTRUCTION, MASTER, ROTTING CHRIST, ARCH ENEMY, BELPHEGOR, DARK FUNERAL, INFERNAL WAR, etc.. gaing great responses.
“PRELUDE TO MISERY” sounds old and modern at the same time: VENOM meets POSSESSED, DISECTION shake hands with SATYRICON, DESTRUCTION bangs with IMMORTAL.
While keeping the live activity, the four start writing the tunes for a full length-album, their style converging to a more raw, raging and straightforward thrashing black propaganda with rock’n’roll vices. 11 evil tracks compose the new “Vanity Unfair”, recorded, mixed and mastered in the mighty 16th Cellar Studios (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance... ) by Stefano “Saul” Morabito, with special guests James Murphy (Disincarnate, Death, Obituary, etc..) and Max Pagliuso (Novembre) soloing on a couple of tracks.
“VANITY UNFAIR” has its roots in the 80’s and 90’s European old school metal acts, sounds Italian and European at the same time, thus keeping the national identity of the band, while looking at the above the Alps scene.
Record is set to be release on July the 1st 2016 by REVALVE RECORDS in CD and digital format.

Giulio Serpico Marini - Vocals & Guitar
Marco Montagna- Guitar
Davide Folchitto - Drums
Ivan Contini Bacchisio - Bass

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