MALAMORTE is a side project of Alex Nunziati (Lord Vampyr, Cain, Nailed God, Shadowsreign, Sepolcrum, ex VII Arcano, ex Theatres des Vampires) and was born in 2009. The first album “The Fall of Babylon” was recorded in 2009 and out on CD and tape in 2014. In 2015 “Devilish Illusions” is out, produced by MurdHer Records & Satanath Records. In 2016 they went to the studio in October to record the new album. After two album of Heavy/Black Metal the new way for the next album is oriented towards Occult/Doom Heavy Metal sound (Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath). In March 2017, Malamorte signed a worldwide deal with Pure Steel Records and in June 2017 the new album “Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of God” was released and in January 2019

Alex Nunziati - Vocals, Guitars
SK - Guitars, Bass, Drums

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