Aether (Equivalent Exchange)
16.99 € (Shipment Included)

Theta Healing (Through the Poison)
14.99 € (Shipment Included)

Last Frontier is an Italian Atmospheric Heavy Metal band founded by guitarist Mimmo Natale and keyboardist Cyrion Faith, still active members of the group. 2005: The band, known in its early days as ‘Trascendence’, materialized in April, due to the strong desire of a group of musicians to transmit their own vision of the world through music. In the same year the first demo entitled "Last Frontier" was released. 2006-2009: During this period two demos were released ('Darklight', 2007 and 'Black Horizon', 2008), supported by an intense live activity, which earned the band the appreciation both from an audience more accustomed to Metal than non-Metal. 2010: The year of the aggressive and experimental ‘Apocalypse Machine’, the first LP . The album is the sum of the musical essence of the group, and with many efforts, it is finally possible to render justice to the pieces that compose it. 2011-2013: There is the entry into the band of the new singer Darka (Antonio d’Ambra) to replace the historic Mich Crown. Many concerts and interviews aimed in promoting the album and, at the same time, the band is working in the studio on new material for the next album 2014-2015: ‘Theta Healing (Through the Poison)’ was released, the second Last album. Less experimental and more appealing, this work benefited from a more mature writing and a more professional recording. Initially self-produced, it was then redistributed, marking the beginning of the collaboration with the ‘Revalve Records’ label. 2015-2017: The whole rhythm section finds a new arrangement, drummer Zarro B. Cruel and bassist Adrian Dèi, leave the band for personal reasons, and after 5 and 6 years of honored presence many lives and two albums, Fulvio Liguori take over on drums and Thor Argiento on bass. These years have seen the L.F. conquer a lot of cities along Italy, setting fire to the boxes together with many Italian and foreign Metal icons. At the end of 2017 the singer Darka leaves the group. 2018-2019: The band retires to the studio, temporarily suspending all the live activities, in search of the right concentration and the necessary energy for the realization of the third album. In the meantime, the new singer Marco Cantoni (Cyrax, ShiversAddiction) is recruited, which makes a big contribution to the arrangements of vocal lines. In June 2019 "Aether (Equivalent Exchange)", the third disc of the Last Frontier, is finished. It will be published and distributed in the firs half of 2020, again with "Revalve Records".

Marco Cantoni: Voce
Mimmo Natale: Guitars
Ciro Fasano: Keyboards
Salvatore Argiento: Bass
Fulvio Liguori: Drums

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