Ion of Chios
Cat. RR146

Ion of Chios is a Prog Metal band based in Florence, born in 2008.With the first line-up, the band records a self released EP well acclaimed by audience and reviews as also the following italian tour for promotion. After several changes and restarts in the line-up, the band finds its solid ground in 2015 and begins a new process of songwriting which totally renews the Band's style and personality, introducing a different approach that changes the level from classical Heavy/Prog sound to a more personal, intricated and variously influenced kind of sound and style from which 6 tracks have been created. In February / May 2017 the band decides to work on a Preproduction of those tracks to finalize and improve them. During the summer of 2019, the tracks are finally recorded, mixed and mastered by Jac Salani at La Fucina Studio in Empoli. In February 2020, the track "Killjoy" is chosen as the first Single and the Video shooting starts. The first Single is scheduled to be released the 12th of June on Digital Stores and the Album "_reHUManize_" release is scheduled to be in Autumn 2020 for digital and physical distribution via Revalve Records

Paolo Depa: Vocals
Marco Melillo: Guitars
Alessandro Zappalorto: Bass
Barbara Fabrisi: Keyboards
Tommaso Corvaja: Keyboards, Keytar, Backing Vocals
Dario Gozzi: Drums & Darbuka

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