Ion of Chios is a Prog Metal band based in Florence, born in 2008.With the first line-up, the band records a self released EP well acclaimed by audience and reviews as also the following italian tour for promotion. After several changes and restarts in the line-up, the band finds its solid ground in 2015 and begins a new process of songwriting which totally renews the Band's style and personality, introducing a different approach that changes the level from classical Heavy/Prog sound to a more personal, intricated and variously influenced kind of sound and style from which 6 tracks have been created. In February / May 2017 the band decides to work on a Preproduction of those tracks to finalize and improve them...
Paolo Depa - Vocals
Marco Melillo - Guitars
Alessandro Zappalorto - Bass
Barbara Fabrisi - Keyboards
Tommaso Corvaja - Keyboards, Keytar, Backing Vocals
Dario Gozzi - Drums & Darbuka





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