Imperivm are a Power Metal Band, formed in Italy in 2010. The founding members - Atticus, Marcus and Spartacus - come from musical experiences of many years with various metal bands and this project was the result of a passion and a common desire to create something new and of one accord, still rooted in Metal. The first members of the band began preparation of the material for the debut album in early 2011. Appius was later contacted for the traces of keyboard and Cristian for the guitar solos. The studio work for the realization of the concept album "Died Fighting" lasted over a year and, after being mixed and mastered in early 2013, the album was complete and ready to print for its March release.
Spartacus Thracius - Vocals
Publius Sextius Leo - Guitars
Atticus Magnus Baro - Bass
Marcus Iunius Flores: Drums




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