I Giardini di Chernobyl is an Italian alternative metal band that was born in 2014. March 4, 2015 was the debut date of their first album "Cell Zero" for the label "Zeta Factory". The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Giulio Ragno Favero (bassist and producer of "Il Teatro degli Orrori"). The album has immediately captured the interest of press and industry attendants, as well as the interest of Dennis Sanders, known american performer who was not only bassist of "Black Light Burns", (solo project of Wes Borland, guitarist of the "Limp Bizkit" band), but was also a live supporter for bands such as "Deftones" and "Crosses". He is frontman of a new project, founded by him, called "Spirit in the Room". Dennis Sanders of the album "Cell Zero" said: "Great production. Beautiful heavy songs, with big guitars, "Deftones" style... They also remind me the sounds of "My Bloody Valentine" and "Helmet". Very nice." Cristina Scabbia, female voice of "Lacuna Coil", in a video interview, said to keep an eye on the band, calling it "one of the most interesting of the new independent Italian rock Panorama". In October 2016, the band presented a new EP titled "Magnetica", a collection of 5 songs previously produced, before the album "Cella Zero". On December 2016 the band was chosen by the editorial staff of Classic Rock Italy, which assigns them the first place as the best emerging band of the month. On October 2019 they will publish their new album “Duel”, with a new line-up, for the label “Revalve Records”. The album is divided into 2 parts, where 5 of the 10 songs are produced by guitarist and producer Marco Trentacoste, who has collaborated with artists and bands such as: “Le Vibrazioni”, “Deasonika” ,”Delta V”, “Rezophonic”, “Malfunk”, and has also collaborated with many other national and international artists, including “Lacuna Coil”, “KMFDM”, “Hooverphonic”, Jaz Coleman from “Killing Joke” and Josh Freese (drummer for "A Perfect Circle", "Guns N ' Roses", "Nine Inch Nails", "Slash"). The 5 tracks were recorded at the studios “Officine Meccaniche” in Milan, the studio of Mauro Pagani (PFM), a studio known for having recorded artists such as: “Muse”, “Franz Ferdinand”, “Bluvertigo”, “Afterhours”,” Negramaro” and many others. The mastering of these 5 tracks, was done by Giovanni Versari from "La Maestà Mastering Studio", known for having worked with artists such as: “Muse” (on the album “Drones”), “Verdena”, “Levante”, “Calibro 35”, and many others. The other 5 songs of the album, are recorded, mixed and mastered by the producer Manuel Pesaresi of "Dyne Engine Studio", who worked and collaborated with artists such as: Kevin James LaBrie (“Dream Theater”) and Simone Cristicchi in Italy.

Emanuele Caporaletti: Voice & Guitars
Andrea Bianchini: Bass
Archelao Macrillò: Drums, Percussion

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