Born in 2012 from the idea of the guitarist/vocalist Massimiliano, after 2 years of constant rehearsing and a huge amount of local shows, the band develops its style, proposing an hybridized mixture of technical death metal and other subgenres, including classical and folk music elements, with Massimiliano as the main composer of the material.
In April 2014 they began recording their first EP "Duat's Calling", produced by A Mano Armata Dischi and self-released it in the beginning of 2015, promoting it by going on stage alongide acts such as: Hideous Divinity, Deceptionist, Ad Nauseam, Mass Infection and many more.
In 2016 the band started recording a Promo EP of two songs, released in the fall; right after it a major formation change led the actual bassist Andrea Cividini to join the band...

Massimiliano Cirelli - Vocals; Guitar
Andrea Cividini - Bass
Alessandro Francesco Caruso - Drums





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