For My Demons was born from an idea of Gabriele Palmieri (voice), which began to take shape after his separation from Neverdream. The first full length was released in 2017 via Revalve Records, entitled - Close To The Shade - The album with its elegant dark Rock / metal with prog undertones received excellent feedback from the media and listeners. After a change of Lineup, the band arrives at the current formation that from 2018 to 2019 performs a series of concerts to promote the album. . In 2020 the songwriting phase of the new album begins. the new album is titled INVISIBLE, the six tracks contained within it will be released in digital format during 2021. The Title track INVISIBLE was released on the digital market on January 22nd, while the release of the second single CANDLELIGHT is scheduled for April 16th. A vinyl will be released that will collect all the tracks in the coming winter
Gabriele Palmieri - vocals;
Andrea Terzulli - bass;
Francesco La Dolcetta - Guitar;
Giovanni Masotti - Drums



Album / Vynil

April 22



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