The band was born from an idea of Yuri Ciampi (guitar), Sacha Ciampi (drums) and Andy Madonia (bass), later joined by Luis McFadden (vocals ex Motus Tenebrae) and Marko Giampaolini (guitar ex Motus Tenebrae). The synergy between the five musicians coming from different musical styles and experiences, allows to blend typically rock and metal sounds, shape a unique gothic style, which leads the band t o the first self produced work in 2009 entitled "Soul Divided". The composition and arrangements are a mix of melodies, gothic romantic atmospheres, heavy riffs and great vocal lines. In a context where sound power blends with emotional depth; characteris tics that capture the attention of fans of the genre, who welcome "Soul Divided" with a positive response, both in Italy and abroad... Continue
Diego Chiocchetti - Vocals;
Juri Ciampi - Guitar
Roberto Di Paola - Guitar
Andrea Madonia - Bass
Sacha Ciampi - Drums





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