Dark Haunters was born in Atri in 1999, with the intention of playing a gothic black metal with a symphonic classical designs, inspired by big bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. The first line-up consists of Mirko Tuttolani for vocals, Piergiorgio Hannibal and Sergio Nallira on guitars, Danilo Cantarini on bass, Riccardo Ferretti on keyboards and Claudio Martella on drums. The band immediately demonstrate a good attitude for live concerts, in their first year of life they will open for Stormlord at festival "La mostra dei mostri". In early months of 2002, Dark Haunters entered in studio to record the demo "The Haunter of the Dark", which gets good reviews by the public and critics on important fanzines and webzines like "Metal Wave", "Metal shock "," Holy Metal "and many others. 2002 will be a great year for the band, for many important exhibitions, including ''Hatria 'n' Heavy", with Kurnalcool as support band to Extrema. The following month they will be headlining the first day of "The Monster Rock Show" together with Eldritch. At the end of the year the band will open with Anthenora the clinic of Mr. drummer Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden. In 2005 Dark Haunters begins a floral period of songwriting, but, due to musical differences, in the autumn of the same year the singer Mirko Tuttolani left the band, replaced by Emanuele "Aramor" Bizzarro, that immediately set-up with the band. The new songs composed stand apart from the classic cliches of the music previously played, adding personal inspirtions, more death metal and a touch of avant-garde. In 2006, together with a second wave of concerts, the band gives life to self-produced EP "Aethernal Wile" recorded at Acme Recording Studio. Straight after keyboardist Riccardo Ferretti left the band, and was replaced by the young Luca "Helsior" Del Re (Draugr). The reviews on magazines and webzines are great, and this puts in the band the will to continue a live activity, which sees them as support band to Gory Blister, Infernal Poetry and Horrid. But even with it, unfortunately the band loses from the line-up Del Re, and two of the historic members, Piergiorgio and Danilo. But the band didn't give up, and started straight away a long stage oh hearings that sees as definitive choices Christian "Maylord" Di Maria to the keyboard, Giuseppe "Vrakor" Amadio on bass and Valerio Pietrunti on lead guitar. After years the band, finally strong of a stable and ready with new songs, in May of 2014 started another wave of concerts before the recording of the first full-length album by the first half of 2015.

Emanuele Bizzarro: Vocals
Sergio Nallira: Lead & Rhytm guitar
Valerio Pietrunti: I Lead Guitar
Christian Di Maria: Keyboards
Giuseppe Amadio: Bass
Claudio Martella: Drums

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