ArseA, formed in 2006. The members of ArseA, who had all come to the band following various experiences with other groups, immediately decided to begin writing their own songs. 2014 is dedicated to recording the new album, A New Dawn; it will be out in Feb 2015 with label Revalve Records! ярость: “fury” in Russian) and their lyrics are indeed inspired by Russian cold war harshness, as well as by the fanta-political sceneries about how the world would look like if it had not been dominated by the Anglo-Saxon culture. By 2012, after the first demo titled Due minuti d’odio (“Two Minutes of Hate"). After some changes, the band reached its final line-up in 2014 with the introduction of the new vocalist Matteo Boccardi and then started recording the first Full-Lengt...
Matteo Peluffo - Vocals;
Enrico Fucci - Guitars;
Alessio Clementi - Guitars;
Giorgio Piermattei - Bass;
Ivan Fusco - Piano and Synthetizers;
Riccardo Curti - Drums





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