The Abyssian project was born in 2010, by the will of Rob, former member and founder of Sinoath, with whom after having explored at the beginning, a sound close to Black / Doom metal and later to Dark / Doom; resumes after several years of inactivity, a songwriting that maintains the same coordinates, but with a setting of more Atlantean matrix. The Abyssians are in fact distinguished by a sound and thematic research, linked to the imaginary related to submerged civilizations, ancient aliens and references to Sumerian poetics, about the hypothetical creation of the world. In 2012, from a one-man band, Abyssian became a duo, with the arrival of Frans, who deals with the guitar rhythm and drum programming in the project. In 2014, the limited edition The Realm of Commorion was released, which contains the title track, Neanderthal Sand....
Rob Messina - Lead guitars; vocals and keyboards;
Frans Svirnath: Rhythm guitars and drum programming;
V.: Bass; Daniele Ferru: Drums




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