Subliminal crusher started in 2002, from the founders of the italian band S.R.L.. Soon the band entered the recording studio for its first EP: LIFE DROUGH.After a devastating run of live dates (together with SADUS, DARKANE, ENTOMBED etc), in 2005 Subcrush released their 1st full-length for NewLM Records, ANTITHESIS.
After some lineup changes that brought Panduk and Steph in the band, SubCrush recently released its third album, “ENDVOLUTION", published by Punishment 18 Records, during a terrific italian mini-tour with DARKANE.
In 2010 after a kickstart tour with THE HAUNTED and Methedras to glue back the original band chemistry, Subliminal Crusher released their 4th studio album NEWMANITY on January 2013 published by Revalve Records.
Subliminal Crusher, right after publishing their 4th record, renew the main goal of their moniker change their line up. In 2016 the band are ready to release DARKETYPE, a new chapter of their career.

Emiliano Liti - Vocals
Lorenzo Lucchini - Guitar
Marco Benedetti - Guitar
Jerico Biagiotti - Bass
Rodolfo Ridolfi - Drums

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