Jerico - Bass
Alcio - Guitar
Stefano - Guitar
Khaynn -Scream
Rawdeath - Drums.

"Unus et Viginti"
Available on Digital Download
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Time: 30:18
Catalog Number: RR37
Barcode: 3610153089974

Time: 45:58
Catalog Number: RR22

"Unus et Viginti"
To celebrate their 21st year of activity, italian thrash/death metal master S.R.L. are about to release a compilation of tracks entitled «Unus Et Viginti» (the number 21 in latin). The EP contains 7 songs taken from the very early days of the band, formed back in 1992, and all the songs has been rearranged and completely re-recorded. Two of them, «84° Parallelo» and «S.R.L.» were previously unreleased, although they were played several times in the old time live-shows.«Unus Et Viginti» has been recorded by the same line-up of latest S.R.L. release De Humana Maiestate: Khaynn (vocals), Alcio & Panduk (guitars), Jerico (bass guitar) and Luca (drums). Some of the former bandmates also appears as guest-musicians, so the new guitarist Stefano Clementini, who joined the band after Panduk left.Unus Et Viginti will be released in digital Edition

"De Humana Maiestate"
Veterans S.R.L. are ready for the release of their eagerly awaited fifth album "De Humana Maiestate" expected for Autumn 2012. Fault, Pain, Rage, Revenge and Damnation, narrated by a scratchy and painful Italian performance. A great work is divided into acts and supported by a unique style of music that blends doses of thrash metal and melodic death metal.

S.R.L. was born in the 1992 in Terni, Umbria, (the green "heart" of Italy).Lots of people ask us the meaning of our name. S.R.L. is the Italian acronym for "Società a Responsabilità Limitata (Limited Liability Company)". Usually this is way some partners join their efforts to reach a common goals, but it can also means how the people (the society/company) has a limited liability (responsibility) in the daily occurrences.
At the same time, it is a tribute to all the great italian rock bands of the 70s, like PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) and BMS (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso).
Someone has described us as "the Minstrels of Y2K" because we sing about the daily life, and all the things every one could live!
We believe in Rock music as the only way to express ourselves, but we've always tried to develop our personal sound!
That's the reason why we are labelled in such different ways: Italian rock, Crossover, Thrash Metal, Melodic Death and so forth!
Honestly, we're not interested in labelling our music, so we describe it just as Heavy Metal with Lyrics in Italian language.


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