Claudio Andressi - Vocals
Roberto Corsi - Bass
Marco Muscolo - Drums
Simone Marchetti - Guitars solo
Matteo Lesti - Rhytm guitars
Luca Guidi - Keyboards

Time: 46:17
Catalog Number: RR43
Barcode: 3610154415406
"In Perfect Asymmetry" Japan Edition
"IN PERFECT ASYMMETRY" is available now in Japan Edition:
Tower rec

"In Perfect Asymmetry"
"IN PERFECT ASYMMETRY" is the debut album of the progressive metal band Fall Of Darkness . The 8 tracks on the album are the result of a fusion of various influences mixed together to give life to a awesome power prog.
Recorded at Eden Studios and mixed by Alessio Lucatti ( VISION DIVINE).For all fans of : Dream theater, Symphony X, Vision Divine

"Fall of Darkness"
The band was born in 2009 with the name "Sinner Angels" by Simone (Guitar), Claudio (Voice) and Francesco (Bass). After a few year and the arriving of Marco (Drums) and Matteo (Guitar) the band take an Heavy Metal sound and leave the past Hard rock style. In the June of 2011 the founding member Francesco leave the band that find in Roberto an excellent substitute capable of giving new post to the group and a more Prog / Power sounds. With this new line-up the band decide to "restart", writing new songs and changing the name in F.O.D. (Fall of Darkness), recording the first demo "unconcious mindwork". In May 2013 the band give a welcome to Luca Guidi on keyboards and in the summer of the same year the band record the first full-lenght "...In perfect asymmetry" released in January 2014 by Revalve Records.

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