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Release Date:
04.03.2016 (DA)
18.03.2016 (CD)

For all fans of Death , Exodus, Lamb of God

Genre: Death Metal
Time: 35
Catalog Number: RR68
Barcode: 3614596984971


The whole album bases itself on various reflections on psychological and clinical disorders, associating them with different philosophical or literary themes and theories.
Penance: An individual affected by borderline personality inflicts himself every kind of harm to prove himself his own existence, such as some existentialists claimed, life can only be proved through pain.
Solipsia: A subject in deep coma refuses to wake up, since he can only experience his own existence and design his own world as he pleases. The parallel with solipsism is pretty obvious.
Compelled: An OCD patient keeps restarting a torture routine on his victim, in an endless research towards perfection, recalling the idea of a trascendental perfection postulated in platonic and kantian idealism
Doppelgänger is inspired by the concept present in german and central european literature of an alias acting to ruin its double's life, the song is centred on a bipolar disturbed subject.
Nausea is about an antisocial individual who is completely sick of the surrouding people and lacking any sort of empathy, making him ready to commit a massacre. It is inspired by Sartre's philosophy, Nausea being his most influential novel.

16.11.Uljanic - Pula - Croatia
17.11.OKC Urban Art - Jablanica - Bosnia
18.11.ag club - Sarajevo-Bosnia
19.11.zeppelin bar - šabac - Serbia
20.11.black stage - niš -Serbia
22.11.Legacy Ruse - Ruse -Bulgaria
23.11.Live & Loud - Sofia Bulgaria
24.11.smile club-Varna-Bulgaria
25.11.Club Disorder -svistov-Bulgaria
26.11.underworld club - buchurest -romania
27.11.Caffe Galerija Bunt - Tuzla - Bosnia

Abscendent is a Thrash/Death Metal Band from Fondi (LT), active in Rome, founded in 2013. They recorded their first full lenght, Decaying Human Condition, at 16th Cellar Studio (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Eyeconoclast) in 2015. Their style is a lethal mix of classic and modern elements of Thrash and Death metal, sometimes fast and aggressive, sometimes technical and articulated.


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