Pre order Date:06.10.2017
release Date: 10.11.2017
Genre: Metal
Time: 39
Catalog Number: RR92
Barcode: 3614978030654

Release Date: 21.05.2012
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Time: 53
Catalog Number: RR14
Barcode: 3610150804563


The band was formed in 2009.
In 2012, its debut with the album "Wandering Through Sorrow" for Revalve Records, entirely written by former guitarist.
Strongly wanting to change the sound, with a new lineup, the band has gone from a gothic symphonic to a heavier metal with post-thrash, progressive and gothic influences.
Currently the band has finished recording the new album called "Onirica", which reflects much more the components' influences compared to the debut album.
Onirica is an ardent work by a heavy metal sound with symphonic touches and vague gothic atmospheres.
The album intents to bring the listener through an amazing journey into the dream world, hence the title "Onirica", in the dreams and fears of the human soul.
Heavy riffs hold up catchy and dreamy melodies.
The voice ranges from lyric to modern with aggressive and soft interpretations and in two songs ("Kill Your Pain" and "Luceafarul") is completed by the precious collaboration of Fabio Dessi, the voice of Arthemis.
Onirica is an album that proposes to keep alive the interest and the passion for metal music and hopes to break into the listener's heart.
The band is formed by Claudia (vocals), Filippo (guitars), Alberto (guitars), Dario (bass), Leonardo (drums).
Each band's members done and still doing many collaborations with italian and international bands and producers.
In particular, in 2015 Claudia has registered her voice in the latest Hollow Haze album "Memories of an Ancient Time" released for Scarlet Records, collaborating with Mats Leven, Rick Altzi and Amanda Somerville.

Claudia: Vocals
Filippo: Guitars
Alberto: Guitars
Dario: Bass
Leonardo: Drums
13.10 Wetzikon w/Smash into Pieces (Hall of Fame) Switzerland
14.10 Brescia w/Smash into Pieces (Circolo Colony) Italy
15.10 Roma w/Smash into Pieces (Traffic) Italy.

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