Release Date:
Genre: Thrash prog Metal
Time: 52
Catalog Number: RR79
Barcode: 3614599560837

“Cymatics” is born from several factors: lyrics talk about the daily life in order to plunge the listener in a specific situation. Each song is a different situation with the individual focused on it. Furthermore, the band wanted to use the 432Hz frequency on the instruments tuning, in order to produce a sound which can be found in nature. The band in fact knows about Hans Jenny, the man who discovered cymatics, a new branch of science that observe the effects of sound frequencies on a surface covered with sand or similar. This theory fascinated them: so here the reason of the title album and of the last song Omega Revolution, referring to the Ananda Bosman music movement, Aumega Music Revolution.


Reapter is thrash metal band formed in december 2005 and composed by Massimiliano Pellicciotta, Claudio Arduini, Emiliano Niro, Jury Pergolini and Daniele Bulzoni.

Main events and gigs of the band:
2008: 2nd place at Emergenza Festival of Rome (Italy).
2009: winners of Emergenza Festival of Rome (Italy).
2011: supporting british Fury UK at The Purple Turtle in London (UK).
2012: supporting Testament (U.S.A.), Sadist (Italy) and Dark Funeral (Sweden) at Total Metal Festival.
2013: supporting Scarecrow (Finland) in a tour around Eastern Europe.
In 2013 they signed a deal with Builtokill Records and their first album “M.I.N.D.” has been release in Europe and in the U.S.A.
In 2016 they finally got a new deal with Revalve Records for their second album’s release “Cymatics” throughout Europe, U.S.A. and Japan.
2017: European Tour with Nervosa

Claudio Arduini: Vocals
Max Pellicciotta: Rhythm and lead guitars
Daniele Bulzoni: Rhythm and lead guitars
Jury Pergolini: Bass
Emiliano Niro: Drums
14.08.2017 - Barcelona - Sala Boveda
16.08.2017 - Vigo - Transylvania Metal Pub Vigol
17.08.2017 - Bilbao - Groove
18.08.2017 - Bordeaux - Salem Musique Le Haillan
09.08.2017 - Puget-Sur Argens- Le RAT'S
20.08.2017 - Lyon - La Marquise
21.08.2017 - Paris - Le Klub
02.08.2017 - Lille - Le Midland , Ex-Select
24.08.2017 - Milan - The One

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