Paolo Tittarelli - Vocals
Luca Lampis - Guitar
Diego Brocani - Bass
Stefano Carloni - Keyboards
Michele Baldi - Drums

Listen now the first single "My white Stars (Trilogy Part III)"

Time: 50:35
Catalog Number: RR46
Barcode: 3610155537800
"Contaminations"Japan release August, 19th 2015
Available on tower records

Progressive metallers NEFESH have announced their returns on the scene with their third album "CONTAMITATIONS" out april 7, 2014.
The band has received a very positive feedback from critics, especially for composing music, and now the band is ready to represent themselves to the public with a ripe sound, with original and personal prog metal arrangements, enriched with powerful metal slashes and classic themes, everything supported by piano and strings. The album consists of 11 tracks which involving in an original and lyrical framework alternating our mother tongue and "albionica" tongue. The new album has recorded between "NEW SIN STUDIO" and "MUSIC EXPLOSION STUDIO" and finally mixed and mastered at "NEW SIN STUDIO" by Luigi Stefanini.

'Formed in 2005, Italy-based metal band NEFESH self-produced their first album “Nefesh”,gaining excellent critics success both on a national and international level. Their music takes its form somewhere between classical music and metal with progressive influences. In 2010 the band released its second full-length “Shades and Lights” with producer Frank Andiver(Labyrinth), and mastered by Mika Jussila (Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Him,Apocalyptica) at the famous Finnvox Studios, Finland. The same year they won a national competition and they went to represent their region at the MEI, the most important festival about independent music in Italy . On releasing “Shades and Lights” Nefesh travelled to London for the album launch. The performance was filmed by Sky TV and the interviews with the band were broadcast on SKY and other national TV channels. In 2014 the band released its third album “Contaminations” with producer Luigi Stefanini. The album is distributed via Revalve Records as digipack format in Europe, U.S.A. , Japan and digitally in all the world. Wonderful critics and reviews again from all the world and the same year they go as headliner in a tour in Baltic countries “Contaminating the North” to begin the international launch of “Contaminations”. All the components of the band are professional musicians. Some of them also has international graduation in music, MA and high specialization in music and composition.

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