In geological and astronomical sciences, MYR indicates a period of 1 million years. Music is the art of time and time is the "place" where music lives: the band, active since 2003, chose this moniker in 2009, year in which decides to stop playing live and enter writing his first official album, "Days of Convergence", with the aim to tell the complexity of the times in which we live through a powerful, dark and faceted musical language,
After composing, in 2011 the band joins Giuseppe Orlando’s Outer Sound Studio, where the album is recorded and mixed. For the mastering, MYR choice the prestigious Marcussen Mastering (where, among others, was mastered Korn’s "Follow the leader”).
In December 2012 the band signs its first contract with the label Areasonica Records. The album is released on 15 March 2013.
The critics praised immediately MYR’s musical proposal for its great creative energy and a very personal and innovative style. To promote the album, the band released two videos: "Apprentice", directed by Carlo Strata (former director for Vasco Rossi's video); and, six months later, "Land Art" - directed by Enrico Giannacco - in which the band offers a charming mix of video clips and video art.
After this excellent critical acclaim, the band (after recording the unpredictable "Pompeii", the Bastille's cover completely rearranged) starts writing his second album "Habits" in conjunction with the live dates for the promotion of " Days of Convergence "and - in the autumn of 2014 - it is ready to record.
The production of "Habits" absorbs MYR until October 2015: the album, recorded at MYR’s Convergence Study by Ruben Ramirez, is mixed and mastered by the expert producer Giuseppe Orlando.
Preceded by the single "Addiction" – released with a brand new video with parts in CGI directed by Enrico Giannacco and animated by Nicola Piovesan - "Habits" is released on March 15, 2016 for Areasonica Records. The critical reception is – once again – excellent, and the album is praised both in Italy and Europe.
During the summer of 2016, the band accepts the offer of Revalve Records to become part of its rooster and, simultaneously, signs with the booking agency Crown Metal for the management of live performances.

Enrico Giannacco: Vocals, Guitars and Effects
Nunzio Sannino: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Effects
Dario Morgillo: Keyboards, Piano and Effects
Simone D'Aalessandri: 4 strings and 5 strings Bass Guitar
Luca Zamberti: Drums
Raffaele Borgi: Guitar

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