Release Date: 07.10.2016
(The CD version includes 28-page booklet, with the "A Strings' Dramedy" novel)
Genre: Folk Death Metal
Time: 44:40
Catalog Number: RR78
Barcode: 3614970367581

Macaria was born in the 2009 with the name “Folkentroll” in the Lecce area. Their music was Folk metal Fintroll style, with speed rhythms and growl vocals. In this early days they played in many gigs in the south italy, apulian scene. As Folkentroll they produced their first demo named “jester of chaos”, a 5 track EP in which was already listenable their style characterized by many musical influences.

In 2013 they felt the need of most complex musical style, so the death metal and symphonic influences in ther music raised and also their name changed in Macaria. The target of the band is to take any influences they need without restriction of genre and mix it up in their metal style.

In 2015 they entered in the Newstar Rec Studio with Angelo Buccolieri and started recording their first Full-Length “A Strings' Dramedy”, a concept based on an allegorical social criticism. The lyrics of this album talk about an allucinated vision of the society by a character that can't explain to himself the social structure.

Lorenzo Manco Vocals
Marco Carangelo Guitar
Davide Pastore Guitar
Federico Mauro Keyboards
Luca De Marco Bass
Luca Casto Drums

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