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Release Date:
27.10.2014 (CD/DA)

Nine tracks of angry metal sound which recall bands like Hatebreed and Slayer, melted with their trademark of haunting riffworks and heavy rhytmic wall.

The band share the stage with some important name of international metal scene such as Arch Enemy, Aura Noire, Cadaveria, Irriverence.

For all fans of: Hatebreed, All Shall Perish, Sepultura
Genre: Death Metal
Time: 30:12

Catalog Number: RR52
Barcoe: 3610158582166

Lacerhate started out in 2008, in Cremona (Italy) as a deathcore band.

After an year they release a first Ep, “Lacerhate”: four tracks influenced by bands like Hatebreed, Sepultura,

Sulfly, All Shall Perish and from hc/punk.

Between 2008 and 2011, the band faces various line up changes at the guitars, finally settled with Ale as lead

guitar and Mauro at the bass. Thanks to this, the guys found what they where looking for: a blasting wall of

sound, moving to a crossover/hardcore blend and on february 2011 they realise the first official Ep “Reborn

From Ashes?”: a six tracks piece, that immediately gained the support and the approval of the reviews and of

fans, so that they started an italian tour to advertise their work. Two months later another line up change occurred, so that Lita joined the family.

During these two years the band had the pleasure to share the stage with some important names of the italian and international

metal scene, such as Arch Enemy, Aura Noir, Cadaveria, Antropofagus, Nerve, Backjumper, Irreverence, Cadaveric Crematorium, Brutal Murder, Longobardeath, Psychofagist and Amassado.

LITA Rhytm guitar

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