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Release Date: 02.12.2016
Genre: Gothic Death Metal
Catalog Number: RR81
Barcode: 3614971131167

Oblivaeon is the Ghost of Mary's first concept album. Based on the original tale written by Daniele Rini, a sort of allegory about life and death. In a timeless place there's an ancient and giant tree from which souls slip away like shadows kissed by the light of full moon. They roam in a forest or they are carried by the current of a river until they take possession of empty bodies such as stones that make up the bank.
A dead soul howls his own pain through the words of a mysterious oracle (Ghost of Mary): the memory of its past life, the realistic strength of nightmares, the tragic passage into afterlife (Oblivaeon), the affection of loved ones, the end of everything and the beginning.
“The oracle has spoken.
She’s the mother, the first voice of everything, the ancestral memory.
And we scream, from the mouth of seven burning tongues,
the secret tale about life and death.
Do you remember the ancient tree under the weeping moon?
We are falling into Oblivaeon, we all,
where the end is the beginning.”


Ghost of Mary plays melodic death metal with symphonic and orchestral elements borrowed from classical music. The band, active from the early months of 2014, recorded its first concept album “Oblivaeon” , an original allegory about life and death. The compositions are structured with progressive architectures and immersed in a dark atmosphere. The songwriting is articulated and distinctly melodic, characterized by a heavy metal rhythm section and swedish death guitar riffs. The voice alternates different styles, from screaming and growling vocals to clean and scratched ones. The orchestral scores of piano, violin, viola and cello make the music of Ghost of Mary an evocative journey through time.
Let the journey begin.

Daniele Rini voice
Mauro Nicolì guitar
Gabriele Muja guitar
Nicola Lezzi bass
Damiano Rielli drums
Joele Micelli violin
21.01 IT Squinzano | Istanbul Cafè | w/ Acid Grime, Nereide
28.01 UK Evesham | The Iron Road | w/ Myr
29.01 UK Birmingham | The Asylum 2 | w/ Myr
30.01 UK Woolpack Live | Doncaster | w/ Myr
31.01 UK Bristol |Exchange | w/ Myr
02.02 UK Machester | Gullivers | w/ Myr
04.02 FR Lille | Le Midland | w/ Epidemian
11.02 IT Neviano | Dislivello
16.03 IT Napoli | Hades | w/ Genus Ordinis Dei, Disturbia
18.03 IT Manduria | Bike & Rock | w/ Black Motel Six

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