Release Date: 25.05.2018
Genre: Remix Electronic,Ebm by The Algorithm
Time: 04
Catalog Number: RR102
Barcode: 3615932074820

Release Date: 07.04.2017
Genre: Modern Prog Metal
Time: 59
Catalog Number: RR88
Barcode: 3614973831362

Digital Single
Release Date: 10.03.2017
Genre: Modern Prog Metal
Time: 04
Catalog Number: RR88S
Barcode: 3614974110343

MELODIC, PROGRESSIVE, MODERN: AVELION aims to overpower genre classification thereby creating a new form: Modern Metal mixed with Progressive influences and Melody becomes momentum and expression as a whole which reaches the listener directly. The band was founded in Parma (Italy) in 2008 and, after some line-up adjustements, in 2011 released their first studio work: the EP "Cold Embrace". Following the widespread approval from the critics and the fans, the following year AVELION started an incessant Live activity, also having the great opportunity to play as opening act for Seventh Wonder (with Tommy Karevik, Kamelot), while at the same time a strong and ever-growing fanbase has developed worldwide. In 2012 the band also released the promotional single "Falling Down" which sees the collaboration with guitarist Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine). AVELION's second EP, "Liquid Breathing", was published in November 2013, followed by a mini-tour in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The EP delivers a more personal, modern and mature sound: here we can find, in fact, a Melodic Progressive Metal mixed with Djent influences, all combined with a strong Electronic personality. In 2015, with Oreste Giacomini and William Verderi as masterminds and main composers, the band entered Domination Studio of Simone Mularoni (DGM) to record their first full length album: “Illusion Of Transparency”. “Illusion Of Transparency” will be out on April 7th, 2017 via Revalve Records.

William Verderi: Vocals
Oreste Giacomini: Keyboards and Programming
Leonardo Freggi: Guitars
Danilo Arisi: Bass
Alessandro Ponzi: Drums

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