Choose, live, change.
Afterlife Symphony use Musicraiser to fund their third album 'Lympha': https://www.musicraiser.com/it//projects/7676
The two previous albums, "Symphony of Silence" and "Moment Between Lives", laid the foundations for their sound, their musical and personal research and with this Album the band marked an indelible line in their creative path!
”We can’t wait to share our new records with you!
Thank you so much in advance for your support...it means a lot for us.
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Release Date: 09.09.2016
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Time: 59
Catalog Number: RR77
Barcode: 3614599154135

Choose, live, change.
“Moment Between Lives” is a concept album based on reincarnation and karma continuously influenced by our choices. Everything is set in a romantic scenery shrouded with a halo of true love.
Starting from our finally choice “Half-Moon Night”, everything seems clear, determined without a way out. There’s only one decision: live without her and survive at our own or put an end to that pain? This song is focus on a world that only the listeners can create, dozing off all the rest, beyond the hindrance of physical sense. At the end, our choise will come and the darkness will be more strong than before.
Let ourself fall, take a breath and think. “The Abyss” show that moment. Now nothing is more clear. Several diamond faceting, ourself shades, come in war between they, making caos, scatting the reason that made the mad choose. Now the second choice: go back or lose the state of uncertainty. And so the adventure restart.
Arrive, run down, feeling host and cuddling, lying down under that impassive, patient and sleeping tree. “Under The Sleeping Tree” is a sweet break we give to our soul, that allow us to taste our inside world, we after set aside.
In this continue growth, came back love, so we have “My Existence To You” where melancholy is the new feeling. The immortal hug, the fear of losing our loved ones, and the sentimentality nostalgia to passing moments, and lay down in a sea with memories without leaving a visible trail in our body, but leaving a scar visible to everyone eyes.
Our breath begin fragmenting, filling up of trembles and rage because part of our thoughts. In “Broken Breath” the time become the unfriend of awareness that keep running, careless of humans being who lives in it. Rising and falling, hiccupping silently, leaving the loneliness that don’t allow us to rise toward our more developed shape, being more knowledge.
When we think we have the answers of our questions that sway from one side to another in our thoughts, the doubt is present, showing us several solution and several alternatives. “Dreamer’s Paradox” is the entrance of the labyrinth we built, forgetting from where we start and from where we pass through. Is the moment to learn the silence.
The darkness is everything we can count on, seeing the light beyond the unlimited and “Seventh” is a kind of inside map, for rising in the seventh flat where the reality is a pliable, changeable material, frame of a continue changing depending on which we request, depending on which movie we want to live.“Last Hope” talks about the part more macabre of our ideas of life we have. But there is always a hope, and that hope made this song.
“Novembre (part I)” and “Novembre (part II) are a mix between dream and reality, between the innocence of childhood and the reasoning of maturity. The score is now coming to an end, and the only choice is being execute. The angel is tightening the noose, leaving his lifeless wings, waiting the oblivion.
All the mix of this feelings, the tangling of event, this is “Genesis of Eternity”, the last track of this concept album. Now the bitter awareness fill our mind and heart in that angel in that angel and there isn’t nothing to do but wait that “Moment Between Lives”.

Available on Cd & Digital Album
Release Date:
18.09.2013 (DA CD)
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Time: 1:04:32
Catalog Number: RR38

Barcode: 3610153662832


The band was formed originally by Eddy Talpo, Stefano Tiso and Nicolas Manarbin in 2009 and began like cover band. Over time , two more members joined to the band, Antonio Gobbato and Anna Giusto, and the project AFTERLIFE SYMPHONY comes to life in September 2010. In November 2010, the band recorded 4 demo songs.
In September 18, 2013, via Revalve Records, they saw the release in worldwide of their first album, "Symphony of Silence", 12 tracks range from progressive symphonic metal to metal.
Over the years that followed, the band continues writing music and in January 2015 back to "K ' In Studio", supervised by Gianfranco Corona and Sandro Cappai,to record the songs that will give life to the album "Moment" Between Lives ". The project was mixed and mastered by Giuseppe "Dualized" Bassi, engineer at Studio"dysFUNCTION", giving a sophisticated, modern sound doing exalt the power of 11 songs, supported by a solid rhythm, interspersed by a great orchestral session fusing with the powerful voice of Anna Giusto.
The band is getting ready to introduce themselves to the public in a series of international and foreign show.
"Moment Between Lives " is a concept album, a mystical journey between the esoteric and the vivid reality, between choices, dreams, loves, fears, anger and introspection. The circularity of the events, the continue question, the hunger for knowledge, these are the elements that form this album. Song after song, you advance, falling more and more in the comfort of the traveler.
" ... Choose your life with care ... "

Anna Giusto: Vocals
Eddy Talpo: Rhythm and lead guitars
Stefano Tiso: keyboards and piano
Nicolas Menarbin: Bass
Antonio Gobbato: Drum and percussions
04.11 | ESTEPONA | Louie Louie (ES)
05.11 | CARTAGENA| Angus Rock (ES)
6.11 | MADRID | Sala Silikona Tiso (ES)
07.11 | CORDOBA | A.C. Recycle (ES)

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