Release Date: 19.02.2016
Genre: Prog Death Metal
Catalog Number:
Barcode: 3614596520483


Ad Vitam, "Lifelong" in latin, is an Italian Metal Band formed in 2010 in Sardinia. Ad Vitam's final Line-Up was formed in 2013 and it's still active. On April, 25th, 2014 the band Auto-Produced and Published the first EP "Edge of Memory" and the Single "Groan of Life". The second single and video was published at the end of the same year, just before the recording of "Stratosfear", first Full Length for the band. During these years Ad Vitam had the pleasure to play with very important bands like FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, DESTRAGE, DEATHLESS LEGACY and FORGOTTEN TOMB. Stratosfear was recorded and mixed by "Hangar 18 Recording Studio" and mastered by "Conen Mastering Studio". The Artwork was made by the band itself.

Mattiai Amadori - Vocals
Lorenzo Mariani - Guitars
Roberto Schirru - Rhytm guitar
Maurizio Sedda - Bass
Daniel Matta - Drums

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