The story of ABSOLUTE PRIORITY begins in Livorno, on May 2005, thanks to the chance meeting between VALERIO VOLIANI (former lead singer of ICYCORE) and FEDERICO MORELLA (former guitarist of CELEPHAIS) in a well-known live music club on the outskirts of the city. Developing the idea of a [study-project], the two begin to write songs, many of which will afterwards take part of HUNTER, their debut alb...um. Months pass and the wish to resume the on tour-career is setting in more and more. The project goes through changes: selections begin therefore in order to form a real band. MASSIMO GRASSO, keyboarder and co-founder with Federico of CELEPHAIS, immediatly join the project, optimizing the sound of the neo-band. More difficult is the search for a drummer and a bassist. After several tests with various drummers of the zone they find SIMONE COLOMBO, a musician with large capacity who will give to the band that bit of self-confidence required. The songs take shape more and more: another guitarist is needed! Soon FRANCESCO CAPRINA, still today axeman of ICYCORE and great friend of Valerio is recruited... The band gets along really well,but the lack of a bassist is heavy...and here is, finished the pre-production of HUNTER, comes up ANDREA BARDI: two years after their birth, ABSOLUTE PRIORITY are finally a complete band.

Valerio Voliani - Vocals
Federico Morella - Guitars
Francesco Caprina - Guitars
Andrea Bardi - Bass
Massimo Grasso - Keyboards
Simone Colombo - Drums

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