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REVALVE RECORDS presenta la Seconda Edizione del REVALVE METALFEST che si terrà  il 20 Novembre 2015 presso il TRAFFIC LIVE CLUB di Roma. Prenderanno parte a questa prima edizione quattro band del roster dell'etichetta.

Dettagli dell'evento:
20 Novembre 2015

Inizio Festival ore 21.00

Biglietto d'ingresso €5,00

TRAFFIC LIVE CLUB via Prenestina 738.

Per ulteriori info:


ELARMIR "Human Wisdom"

The new Elarmir's album, "Human Wisdom" will be available September 18th, 2015. This new chapter is a mixture of the apocalyptic and asymmetric guitar riff with a creative dose of melodies and the outstanding vocal performance by Eleonora Buono.
The band will participate in maximumrockfestival the October 16th, 2015 to present the new album
For all fans: Epica, Meshuggah, Opeth


LAST FRONTIER "Theta Healing"

"Theta Healing" is the new Last Frontier's Album. The sound of the band has deep roots in classical heavy metal with epic tunes and a very personal touch.
"Beyond this Scene" is the first videoclip from the album

"Theta Healing" will be available in worldwide distribution the October 2nd, 2015.
For fans of: Iron Maiden, Symphony x, Iced Earth.

REVALVE JAPAN new office based in Tokyo

Revalve Records signs an agreement with Bit Organization Inc. and opens up to the east market with a new office based in Tokyo. This is the first step towards the distribution network expansion, which gives the artists new opportunities in one of the greatest and most important music market in the world.

Revalve Records Japan – operative from 07/29/2015 – will introduce its first artists' japanese versions, both digital and physical, starting from august 5th.

First release dates:
Black Therapy -"The Final Outcome" Limited Ed. Extended @ 08/05/2015
Nefesh -"Contaminations @ 08/19/2015
Schysma "-Idiosyncrasy" @ 08/19 /2015
Arsea " A new Dawn" @ 08/26/2015
Fall of Darkness - In perfect Asymmetry @ 08/26/2015

The roster will be available on the japanese territory via Tower Records and Space Shower Music

ELARMIR "Human Wisdom"

While waiting for the release of new album "Human Wisdom" scheduled for September 2015, Elarmir will present the new video for the song "Thorns" out on June 8 on all digital platforms
This is the comment of the band: "This video is about of a mental and introspective journey, it is the fall of the values and of the sacraments such as marriage. We wanted to focus attention on elegance, creating contrast with the genre, i got a video full of devilish charm"
Fans won’t have to wait much longer for a taste of upcoming album.
Listen now the preview of the single. "Thorns"

HELSLAVE "An Endless Path"

Helslave is a melodic death metal band. The band's influences are mainly from the 90's death and melodeath Swedish scene, revisited with a personal and modern style. The live activity has never stopped during these years, peaking, in July '14, with the partecipation to the Metaldays festival in Slovenia, where they shared the stage with bands like Asphyx, Possessed, Havok, Forgotten Tombs and many others.
"Devourers of Light": is the first single featuring Francesco Amerise ( Lamhia )from the new album"An Endless Path", a blast of ice and steel that will be available on June 16th 2015


Aghast Afterglow project started in October 2010. The following year, is dedicated to recording the first album called "Imaging".
The album combines a wide range of influences which resulted in a great mix of symphonic metal and gothic rock elements made of stunning melodies through the epical feelings that pervades each one of these eleven tracks.
Mark Basile from Prog metal band DGM is the special guest on the album track "Angels Can't Love".
The band release now a promotional videoclip for the song "There's no time".
The album will be available May 26th, 2015
For all fans of Evanescence, Epica, Nightwish

CHAOS PLAGUE "Existence Through Annihilation"


Chaos Plague are ready to release the new album "Existence Through Annihilation", 10 "thumping" tracks of modern and aggressive Prog Death metal album inspired by famous act of '90s.

"Collision of Entities" is the first single available from the album "Existence Through Annilhation" which will be available April 16th, 2015.

The band was born in 2006, created by Matteo, who used to live in Liguria and his friend Luca, our first vocalist, who lived in Lombardia. When Matteo moved to Mozzate(CO), he continued this ambitious project together with Stefano and Davide. After various difficulties, in 2009 the line-up was completed by Simone as solo guitar and Francesco as voice.
In 2013 Simone and Francesco left the band and their place were took by Luciano Duca and Daniele Belotti
Chaos Plague's goal is to fuse '90s Death Metal together with extreme modern Metal. The band is also ispired by some jazz elements.....and Tear Down the Walls!!!

RAVENSCRY "Alive" official videoclip

WILDIME "Beams of Bones Walls"


Wildime is ready to release the debut album "Beams of Bones Walls".
11 "dusty tracks" of groove southern metal with introspective lyrics that highlights the different moods, feelings, emotions in man remain as marks and scars in the soul, a concept that precisely is summarized as the “Beams of Bones Walls”.The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco "Cinghio" Mastrobuono and Matteo Gabbianelli at Kick Recording Studio in Rome.
"Pull the Trigger" is the first single from the album
"Beams of Bones Walls" will be available March 24th, 2015
For all fans of: Pantera, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath


"Theta Healing"
"Human Wisdom"
"An Endless Path"


"Existence through Annihilation"

"Beams of Bones Walls"

"A New Dawn"

"There the sun Fall"

"Stone the Fool"

LTD edition


"Mass Distraction"

"The Final Outcome"


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