02 Dec
GHOST OF MARY "Shades" Lyric video
"Oblivaeon" is available now on Cd & Digital Edition!!
Ghost of Mary release Lyric Video for "Shades".
Oblivaeon is the Ghost of Mary's first concept album. Based on the original tale written by Daniele Rini, a sort of allegory about life and death. In a timeless place there's an ancient and giant tree from which souls slip away like shadows kissed by the light of full moon. They roam in a forest or they are carried by the current of a river until they take possession of empty bodies such as stones that make up the bank.
18 Nov
MINDAHEAD "...On the Dead Snow" Videoclip

"Reflections" is available now on Cd & Digital Edition!!
MindAheaD release videoclip for"...On the Dead Snow".
[File R076/tape_44]
When the visions begin it's like I see footprints ...ON THE DEAD SNOW, left by my walking out of this place, maybe an authentic memory. I struggle trying to walk but I find myself on my knees in the mud and the footprints that were so clear before, are now gone. His lies, once again, take me elsewhere...

15 Nov
ONYDIA "Dyaphany" single

Finally,"Dyaphany"- Onydia 's first single - will be released on Friday 09.12.2016
Dyaphany was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kick Recording Studio by Marco Mastrobuono
Main theme of the track is the rebirth of hope when everything seems to be over.
"Life is a complicated path which often makes us feel lonely and abandoned.
In these moments, confidence in ourselves and in our abilities make us feel alive, restoring our energy and letting us create pure art. Creation is a supernatural entity which discloses itself.
The artist cannot help but lends his soul and his voice to this entity, which is stronger and bigger than him. "Dyaphany " is an explosion of creative strength which spreads energy and positivity.

04 Oct
MYR "Monster Love" Official Lyric Video
"Habits" is available now on Cd & Digital Edition!!
MYR reveal “Monster Love” lyric video for the new album 'Habits'
The album is a reflection on the human condition in the western area of our world.
The way in which this reflection is expressed is a dark cynicism.
This is not a concept album, but - through different themes and stories - all the songs talk about the same concept: our shortcomings / deficiencies / absences.
28 Oct
CARVED "Lilith" official videoclip

"Kyrie Eleison" is available now on Cd & Digital Edition!!
"Lilith", brand new videoclip from Carved
Lilith is a broken piece of memory in the past of the character, the frozen Lady defeated in Dies Irae, a nostalgic vision of the lost desire.
"Kyrie Eleison"
This is the story of a world in stasis, the world of those who from victims become executioners and, because of that, only crave deliverance. It's the journey of those who face the inevitability of Fate, of those who face the mythological figures of their existence, of those who are lost in their defeat. It's the path of those who face their Faith in order to define their own Free Will.

27 Oct

16.11.Uljanic - Pula - Croatia
17.11.OKC Urban Art - Jablanica - Bosnia
18.11.ag club - Sarajevo-Bosnia
19.11.zeppelin bar - šabac - Serbia
20.11.black stage - niš -Serbia
22.11.Legacy Ruse - Ruse -Bulgaria
23.11.Live & Loud - Sofia Bulgaria
24.11.smile club-Varna-Bulgaria
25.11.Club Disorder -svistov-Bulgaria
27.11.Caffe Galerija Bunt - Tuzla - Bosnia

18 Oct
ANTICLOCKWISE  "Raise Your Head"

Anticlockwise reveal the new album "Raise Your Head"
Release date: 16.12.2016
Recorded at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (DGM)
Special Guest Simone Mularoni (solo guitar on "Into the R.A.M.)
The album leading thread concerns the relationship between mankind and the world wide web, the social networks and the compulsory use of all the connected devices such as smartphones we never raise your head from...

14 Oct
MACARIA "Shaped Water" Lyric Video

Shaped Water Lyric Video from new album "A Strings' Dramedy", vi available now on:
(The CD version includes 28-page booklet, with the "A Strings' Dramedy" novel)
A strings' Dramedy is a concept album characterized by an allegorical, and at times grotesque critique of society. It tells the story of a puppet coming to life in the middle of the theatrical act he was used for. Suddenly all the strings it was tied to tear off and, from a situation of slavery and unconsciousness, the puppet is tossed in the absolute freedom; all that will influence its perception of the world it sees. Starting from its first steps....

For all fans of Finntroll, Kalmah, Devin Townsend.

04 Oct
AFTERLIFE SYMPHONY  "On tour with Temperance"



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