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26 Apr
FOR MY DEMONS "La Fleur du Mal" Official Lyric video

The Dark Alternative rock band For My Demons, have today released a brand new video for single "La Fleur du Mal"
"La Fleur du Mal", is the first single for upcoming album "Close to the Shade" ready to release on 19th may 2017,
Pre-order "Close to the Shade" digitally and receive "La Fleur du Mal", immediately!!
is also now available for Cd pre-order:

18 Apr

Melodic Metal band Wait hell in Pain is ready to release "Wrong Desire", debut album out on Autumn 2017 via Revalve Records.
The album has been produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono and Matteo Gabbianelli at Kick Recording studio
"Wrong Desire" deals with a very common theme: the violence and abuse against women.
The 9 tracks (plus a cover) making up the album, are snapshots that portray the important moments of a metaphorical journey of May, the fictional protagonist, to its rebirth.Tune up your ears for the first premiere, tracklist and artwork out on may 26th!

07 Apr
AVELION  "Burst Inside" Lyric Video

The Modern progressive metal band Avelion, have released a brand new Lyric video for the single 'Burst Inside'.
'Illusion of Transparency' is available now on cd & digital download

04 Apr
FOR MY DEMONS Close to the Shade

Alternative dark Rock band For My Demons reveal the tracklist and premiere of the new album “Close to the Shade" out via Revalve records on May 19th.
"Close to the Shade" pre order, and the first video "La Fleur du Mal"
will be available on April 24th.
The album is a sort of autobiographical tale,
a journey into the mind and in the human soul. Tells of the feeling, past and present. An album that touches real themes like depression and psychological

20 Mar
FOR MY DEMONS coming soon!!

For my Demons signs deal with Revalve Records, new album out on May 19th.
An emphasis on strong melodies, with a veiled veneer of melancholy, is the trademark of the project, with the participation of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds bringing their experience and talent to this debut album.
Soon,the first single and the album premiere.
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17 Mar
GHOST OF MARY  "Nothing" Official videoclip

The monster of Italian Death gothic Metal Ghost of Mary have released the new music video for their brand new song 'Nothing'. European premiere on , Metal in Italy.
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16.03 | Napoli | Hades Live Music Pub | w/ Genus Ordinis Dei – Disturbia – South of no North
17.03 | Roma | JAILBREAK LiveClub | w/ Genus Ordinis Dei – Tothem
18.03 | Manduria (TA) | Bike | w/ Black Motel Six

10 Mar
AVELION  "Fading Out" Official videoclip
The Modern progressive metal band Avelion, have today released a brand new video for single 'Fading out'.
The video was directed and produced by Matteo Ermeti Multimedia and Crystal Spotlight.
'Fading Out' is the imposing opening track for upcoming album 'Illusion of Transparency' , ready to release on 7th
april 2017. 'Illusion of Transparency' is also now available for pre-order:
Pre-order 'Illusion of Transparency' digitally and receive 'Fading out' immediately!!
03 Mar
SKELETOON  "Dreamland" Official Lyric Video
The playful power metal band Skeletoon have releasd a new Lyric Video for the song "Dreamland".
"Ticking Clock is available now on cd & digital download
Cd Digipack:
01 Mar
HYPERSONIC  "Prayer in the Dark" Official Videoclip
The Italian masters of Symphonic metal Hypersonic have released the first video clip for the song "Prayer in the Dark".
24 Feb
ANTICLOCKWISE  "Raise Your Head" Official Videoclip
Anticlockwise have released the official music video for their brand new song "Raise your Head"
17 Feb
AVELION "Illusion of Transparency"

The modern prog metal band Avelion reveal the tracklist and premiere of the new album “Illusion of Transparency" out via Revalve records on April 7th. the album has been produced, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio. Artwork, Design and Photography by Stefano Mattioni at Viron 2.0. The cd version includes the bonus track Echoes and Fragments remixed by the Algorithm.
“Illusion of Transparency” is an emotional journey through the fragility and strength of human nature.
We think we know everything, but the most transparent things to our eyes, may be the most illusory element.

13 Feb
CARVED "The Burning Joke" Live Video
"Burning Joke" brand new Live video for Carved.
"In this song we meet the Trickster in the form of Prometeus! The general theme of the track is the same of Malice Striker, but with a proactive interpretation, spurring the protagonist to hand over his own reins, with his burning gift, his "Fire", his Free will against dystopian antagonists led by Fate!"
10 Feb
SKELETOON "Mooncry" Videoclip
"Ticking Clock" is available now on Preorder:
iTunes and cd digipack !!
Skeletoon have released now the official videoclip for their first single "Mooncry".
03 Feb
STARBYNARY "Gate of Hell" Videoclip

"Divina Commedia: Inferno" is available now on Cd & Digital Edition!!
Starbynary brand new first Videoclip for "Gate of Hell".
Fall and rise from hell.
Allegory of life where drama and theatricality emphasize the passage of human existence, declaiming defects and sins, pointing up the precariousness but also highlighting the divine greatness and
the noble majesty.
Is the Dante's Journey through which you can peer inside the human soul until it was lost into a vortex of emotions!

01 Feb
AVELION coming soon!!

Avelion signs deal with Revalve Records, new album out on April 7th"
Avelion aims to overpower genre classification thereby creating a new form: Modern Metal mixed with Progressive influences and Melody becomes momentum and expression as a whole which reaches the listener directly.
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19 Jan
SKELETOON "Ticking Clock"

The folish kings of Power Metal, SKELETOON, unveiled the preview of their Second studio album "Ticking Clock" that will see the light on march 3rd, 2017 via Revalve Records. The new release will be a concept album of 43 minutes featuring awesome guests as:
GUIDO BENEDETTI from TRICK OR TREAT: Composer and guitars
PIET SIELCK from IRON SAVIOR as "The Father"
JENS LUDWIG from EDGUY as "The Time"
TOMIKA FULIDA from LUNAMANTIS as "The Last Star Shining".
February 10, 2017 Pre order on Itunes

04 Jan
STARBYNARY "Divina Commedia: Inferno" Trailer
Starbynary reveal the new Trailer for the album "Divina Commedia: Inferno"
Release date: 03.02.2017
21 Dec
REAPTER  "Useless"
"Useless" brand new first single and Lyric Video for Reapter.
The new single from the album "Cymatics",
Available onon Cd & Digital Edition!!



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