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WILDIME "Beams of Bones Walls"


Wildime is ready to release the debut album "Beams of Bones Walls".
11 "dusty tracks" of groove southern metal with introspective lyrics that highlights the different moods, feelings, emotions in man remain as marks and scars in the soul, a concept that precisely is summarized as the “Beams of Bones Walls”.The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco "Cinghio" Mastrobuono and Matteo Gabbianelli at Kick Recording Studio in Rome.
"Pull the Trigger" is the first single from the album
"Beams of Bones Walls" will be available March 24th, 2015
For all fans of: Pantera, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath

BLACK THERAPY "Mad world" official videoclip

Mad World official videoclip is out!
Premiere on Legacy.de
Inspired to the Gary Jules's version of the original Tears for Fears tune, also included in Donnie Darko's soundtrack, and featuring Francesco Ferrini - Fleshgod Apocalypse as special guest, "Mad World" is taken our latest ep "The Final Outcome"

ARSEA "A New Dawn"


ArseA, are going to release their debut album "A New Dawn".
The 9 songs are a musical evolution of intense and powerful mix of heavy and prog metal, which melt in aggressive chapters, and atmosphere plots with strong dose of melodies
"Quantum Society" is the first single
"A New Dawn" will be available February 16th, 2015
For all fans of: Kamelot, Iron Maiden, Nevermore, Sonata Arctica

RAVENSCRY "Noire Desire" official videoclip

ANABIOZ "There the Sun Falls"


A Third Anabioz album, "There the Sun Falls". A Heavy vigorous and impressive folk metal in all its glory. Speed, melodic and groovy album will appeal to all fans of celtic and slavonic folk. Traditional abundance of beautiful violin melodies, powerful rhytm section, the characteristic combination of fierce growls and clean female vocals, drive and energy in every song all this will make your feet to dance, and hands, to reach for the mug of foaming cold beer!

"There the sun fall" will be available in Limited Edition Europe, Japan and U.S. March 25th
"Solntsevorot" is the first track from the album.

For all fans of: Eluveitie, Amorphis, Midnattsol

NAMELESS CRIME "Stone the Fool"

Nameless Crime are ready to come back with a new album which combining all their influences and projecting their sound in a new chapter. "Stone the Fool", this is the title of the new album,11 tracks and 4 bonus tracks of great melodies, and powerful guitar riff enriched with many musical contaminations developed in a very unique and original sound with addition of classic and ethnic instruments.The album contains a cover of the famous song 'We Need Protection',from the 80'S band "Picnic At the Withehouse"
"Stone the Fool" will be available December18th.
"Crumbling" is the first single and videoclip from the album

For all fans of: Opeth, Mastondon, Danzig, Faith No More


Demon Project

Demon Project, neomelodic death metal from Siberia, are going to release their new ep Revival.
Their music incorporates complicated synthetsized sound with heavy guitar riffs and growlings, while lyrics show the modern world through the philosophy of ancient tribes, inspired by the myths of Altai. "Revival" consists of 5 new tunes recorded in the beginning of 2014 in Novosibirsk and then mixed and mastered at "Fascination Street" studio (Orebro, Sweden) First single From "Revival", "Afterglow" in streaming at the link: Afterglow.
"Revival" wiil be available worldwide on December 5th via Revalve Records
For all fans of: In Flames, Soilwork, Opeth, Carcass, Death, Edge of Sanity

SCHYSMA "Idiosyncrasy"

After the critically acclaimed debut Ep, Schysma return this fall with "Idiosyncrasy", a new theatrical chapter. Thirteen tracks which are gathered in a perfect mix of heavy and progressive metal that tells stories of suffering, anger and misery set to the tune of swirling symphonic melodies and emotionally charged vocal backflips.
"Time Man" is the first single and videoclip from the "Indiosyncrasy" that will be available November 24th, 2014.
For a fans of: Edguy, Savatage,Queensryche.


Southern Drinkstruction / Carcahrodon

Southern Drinkstruction and Carcharodon, already well known for their blasting death'n'roll and powerful stage presence, combine their beefy sound to present a new exciting chapter in a camaleontic split cd: 'Pizza Commando'These 14 tracks are collected in an awesome and eclectic Limited edition Digipack which contains a cover of the song 'Zuppa Romana', the most acclaimed anthem from the 80'S band Schrott Nach 8. 'Zuppa Romana' will be the first single from the album, available on soundcloud platform."Pizza Commando" will be available via Revalve Records ( November 14, 2014 on worldwide distribution!) For all fans of: Entombed, Crowbar, Blood Duster.

LACERHATE "Mass Distraction"


LACERHATE Started out in 2008, in Cremona (Italy) as a deathcore band. After a years they release a first Ep: four tracks influenced by band like Hatebreed, Sepultura, Soulfly, All Shall Perish and from hc/ punk. Between 2008 and 2011, the band released a couple of Ep: Lacerhate and Reborn to Ashes?
During these two years the band had the pleasure to share the stage with some important name of international metal scene such as Arch Enemy, Aura Noire, Cadaveria, Irriverence.
Now, Lacerhate are going to release their debut album "Mass Distraction". Nine tracks of angry metal sound which recall bands like Hatebreed and Slayer, melted with their trademark of haunting riffworks and heavy rhytmic wall.
"Wake up" is the first single from the album"Mass Distraction", will be available in October 27, 2014.


"A New Dawn"

"There the Sun Falls"

"Stone the Fool"

LTD edition


"Mass Distraction"

"The Final Outcome"




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