12 Aug
MACARIA "A Strings' Dramedy "

Macaria - "A Strings' Dramedy" coming soon!
Release date: 07.10.2016
A strings' Dramedy is a concept album characterized by an allegorical, and at times grotesque critique of society. It tells the story of a puppet coming to life in the middle of the theatrical act he was used for. Suddenly all the strings it was tied to tear off and, from a situation of slavery and unconsciousness, the puppet is tossed in the absolute freedom; all that will influence its perception of the world it sees. Starting from its first steps....

01 Aug
REAPTER "Cymatics"

"Repeat", brand new lyric video from Reapter. The new album "Cymatics" will be released the 23.09.2016
Recorded at OuterSound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando

Following the critically acclaimed debut album ‘M.I.N.D.,’
Reapter are going to release the new album "Cymatics", a term coined by the physician Hans Henry to describe acoustic effects of sound wave phenomena.
The band tells us... ten captivating stories through a sound that ranges from thrash metal, heavily contaminated by a good dose of prog, until to a classic heavy metal with a strong personality

20 July
AFTERLIFE SYMPHONY "Dreamer's Paradox"

"Dreamer's Paradox", brand new lyric video from Afterlife Symphony. The new album "Moment Between Lives" will be released the 09.09.2016
"Moment Between Lives " is a new concept album, a mystical journey between the esoteric and the vivid reality, between choices, dreams, loves, fears, anger and introspection. The circularity of the events, the continue question, the hunger for knowledge, these are the elements that form this album. Song after song, you advance, falling more and more in the comfort of the traveler.
" ... Choose your life with care ... "

12 July
DARK HAUNTERS "Rising Through the Curse"

"Rising Through the Curse",new lyric video from Dark Haunters. The new album "To Persevere is Diabolical" is available now!!The new full lengh from the Hystorical Death Black Metal band Dark Haunters. Eight tracks of majestic, symphonic and evocative Death Black Metal.
For all fans of Dimmu Borgir, Nagflar, Carach Angren.

30 June
NERODIA "The Black Line"

Check out "The Black Line", brand new amazing lyric video from Nerodia The new album "Vanity Unfair" is available now!!
Special Guest: Massimiliano Pagliuso (Novembre).
Recorded at 16th Cellar Studio Studio by Stefano Morabito
(Eyeconoclast, Fleshgod Apocalypse)

09 June
YARAST "Retaliation"
"Retaliation ", brand new lyric video from Yarast.
The new album "Tunguska 1908" is available now!!

Yarast (ярость: “fury” in Russian) and their lyrics are indeed inspired by Russian cold war harshness, as well as by the fanta-political sceneries about how the world would look like if it had not been dominated by the Anglo-Saxon culture. the band started conveying some....

17 May
HYPERSONIC "As an Angel"
"As an Angel ", brand new lyric video from Hypersonic.
The new album "Existentia" is available now!!
The new album is a concept based on the existence of man and the spiritual affairs afterlife .In the album there are some special guests like:Michele Luppi (Secret Sphere, ex-Vision Divine, Killing Touch, Los Angeles), Tommy ReinXeed Johansson (ReinXeed, Golden Resurrection), Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral), Roberta Pappalardo (Black Roses), and more.Mix and Mastering are edited by Riccardo Samperi at TRP MUSIC STUDIO (Tremestieri Etneo / Catania-Italy)

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